St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School

Welcome to Year 2

Teacher: Miss Warren

Support Staff: Miss Wells


 This half term our topic is Beachcombers.  We will be exploring coastal habitats, looking at living things and what they need to survive in their habitat. We will also be  designing  our own sea creature in Art and drawing a sea sculpture. So far, we have done some fantastic descriptive writing using adjectives, all about our senses and things we can see, smell, touch and hear at the seaside. 




Will be given out on a Wednesday and is to be brought back to school the following Monday. Homework will consist of a list of spellings, a piece of Maths work to consolidate the previous week's learning in class and daily reading.  Reading daily is highly encouraged to support children's reading progression alongside reading and Phonics done in class. When a child has read if their Reading planner could be signed and the page number recorded, this would help us ensure all children are having chance to read daily at least once, either with an adult at home or at school. This will also allow us to change reading books when needed and ensure the children are given the opportunity to  progress onto suitable reading books which mirror their reading levels.