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At St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary school, we encourage pupils to use art as a chance to express themselves as an alternative to writing. Pupils are encouraged to think artistically and innovatively so they are able to express themselves through a variety of different media and techniques. They will not only learn how to use different media such as paint, pastels, clay and charcoal but will be able to select the most appropriate to create the desired effect. Most importantly, pupils will develop a critical understanding of art and be able to critique and evaluate their own work and the work of others so they are able to produce pieces to the best of their abilities.



Every other half term, the children will take part in a class art project with a cross-curricular link to a theme they are studying in class. Therefore, each child has a chance to express their views on this theme through artistic means. Every child is provided with their own sketchbook which they will use to explore ideas regarding the theme with the rest of the class.  Firstly, they will be provided with opportunities to progress their skills by experimenting with different media and art styles. They will also have the chance to create drafts of their work before beginning their final piece which will be placed in their art folder. Throughout this progress, pupils are expected to evaluate and critique their own and others work at each stage, encouraging responsibility for their own learning and pride in their work.




As a result of our curriculum, children will have the chance to learn different techniques and be taught to evaluate the effectiveness of each so they themselves can select the appropriate technique and media to use. The use of sketch books and art folders will make it evident if a child is not making expected progress in art or if a variety of media is not being used in the classroom. Pupils will also be taught to apply tonal techniques to future drawings, therefore pupils will no longer be creating simple line drawings but instead a more realistic interpretation of the subject. Before they leave us, children will no longer think of art as simply drawing or as something they have to be perfect at but will see it as a chance to express themselves through any means possible so they can be proud of their own extraordinary creations. We endeavour to give the experience of seeing real art work in an art gallery at least once before they leave our school.