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Here's what we'll be learning about across the curriculum this half term (Autumn Term 1):


LITERACY - The key skills we will be concentrating on are accurate use of capital letters and full stopsexpanded noun phrasesadverbstensesconjunctionsspellingshandwriting and much more. These will be taught through the following genres of writing:

  • Character description
  • Set of instructions
  • Setting description


READING - We will be studying: ‘Rapunzel’ by Bethan Woollvin‘See Inside Castles’ by Katie Daynes and ’The Clockwork Dragon’ by Jonathan Emmett.


MATHS - We will be consolidating our knowledge of place value through concrete and abstract work. We will be learning many key skills such as: basic additionsubtractionmultiplication and division. We will also be regularly practicing our timetables to increase confidence and ability. This term's times table focus is the 2 times table.


RE - In RE, we will look at the topic ‘Beginnings’ where we will explore the concept of new beginnings through the story of Creation and various psalms about God’s love for his children. Towards the end of Autumn Term 1, we will be moving on to our new topic in RE entitled 'Signs and Symbols'.


SCIENCE - In Science, we will be looking at the unit ‘Everyday Materials’ in which we will explore the uses of a range of everyday materials through investigations and explorations. This will also be linked to our class topic (‘Castles’) through – for example - its exploration of how different materials can affect the suitability and effectiveness of castles and armour.