St Francis Xavier

Catholic Primary School

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Curriculum Topics


Autumn Term A Journey Through Time

Year 1 – Dinosaurs

Year 2 – Castles

Year 3 – Iron Age or Stone Age

Year 4 Romans, Saxons and Vikings

Year 5 Tudors Year

6 World Wars


Spring Term The World Around Us

Year 1 - Doncaster Council

Year 2 England and Cities

Year 3 – The UK

Year 4 – Europe

Year 5 – North America

Year 6 – South America Summer


SFX Has Got Talent

Year 1 – Baking

Year 2 – History of Theatre

Year 3 – Kalinka

Year 4 – Streetdance

Year 5 - Drama

Year 6 – Celebrating Differences


At Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School, our curriculum is driven by the “This is me…” statements. The statements underpin everything we do and were formed from research gathered from the community of the school.


Our curriculum is designed to build happy, confident, lifelong learners that are ambitious, resilient and not afraid to try new things. We build upon prior learning through themes that are planned and delivered to create curiosity, awe and wonder as well as provide many opportunities to get involved with a wide range of life experiences.


With high expectations, nurture and high quality teaching, we shape the children to be good citizens that leave with the skills required for the wider world. We encourage children to enquire, self-reflect, and make connections in order to give them the confidence to make decisions and enhance their cultural capital.


This is me statements:


I am happy

I am ambitious

I am confident

I am a good citizen

I can be anything

I try new things

I am resilient
I am curious



The curriculum is implemented through themes mainly in a cross- curricular approach however, main maths lessons and some skills will be taught discretely in order to reach mastery and not weaken the depth of teaching to make links to topics. The three different terms will have either a history, geography or arts theme. The first half term of each term will be delivered in a knowledge based approach whereas the second half term will be delivered in an enquiry based approach. An emphasis will be on knowledge and skills utilising staffs’ skills as well as educational visits and inviting visitors into school.


Children will go on an educational visit or have a professional come into school at least every term in order for children to experience a wide variety of learning environments and hook their learning.


At certain points throughout the year, children will experience Enterprise Weeks that develop their knowledge of the wider world, money and business in order to build their cultural capital.


Out and About weeks will be held once a year for each year group which will be led by each classes interests. The Out and About weeks will give children access to different life experiences as well as life skills developing them socially and emotionally.



Our children will be able to discuss their learning with good level of knowledge using technical vocabulary across all subjects. By the time they leave school, a vast majority have sustained mastery with some greater depth. Summative assessments as well as standard tests will help us monitor children’s development of mastery however Teacher’s Assessment will be the main evidence of academic attainment. Pupil, staff and parent surveys with a big focus on pupil’s voice will aid us knowing the children’s social and emotional well-being.