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Fallen From the Sky



During our topic sessions the children will learn about nocturnal animals and animals that hibernate. They will also explore climate change as we learn about the melting ice caps and how this causes problems for the animals.  The children will listen and respond to autumn themed stories and will act out narratives to develop an understanding of the texts. Children will learn about Remembrance day through the story ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’. They will create poppies and think about how the soldiers would have felt at this time.  Children will explore addition and subtraction through autumn themed activities and will develop an understanding of weight and length as they use non standards units of measure. The children will learn the story of the first Christmas through our RE topic on advent. Finally, the children will join in with enterprise week as they make and sell baubles to their friends and families. weather and sun light clothes worm. Hibernating animals. Re giving and receiving gifts waiting for Christmas.

Check out our learning this half term...

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The children we able to enjoy an autumn walk around the school to discuss similarities and differences within seasons. The children talked about which animals are nocturnal and created hibernation dens in preparation for winter. Some children were able to explain that animals such as bears eat lots of food and grow thicker fur to prepare them for the winter.

The children enjoyed sharing autumn themes books with their peers and were able to use the pictures to discusses events. Some books were focused on more explicitly which enabled the children to talk about their meaning in more detail. Promoting independent reading enabled the children to develop a love of free reading.

On remembrance day, we created poppies and walked to the field to plan them in the ground. The children developed an understanding of remembrance day as we read Where the Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey.


Towards the end of this topic, we read the story The Lonely Polar Bear and talking about the effects of climate change. We then discussed how out actions contribute towards this and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Overall, the children developed their understanding of the world around them through this topic as it provided them with the opportunity to ask and discuss questions about our world.

Friendships have continued to develop as we have enjoyed many team building activities such as den building. The children are also starting to apply their phonics knowledge to their writing and are beginning to become more impendent. They are also gaining a further understanding of number and comparing quantities.