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Falling from the sky



During the topic 'falling from the sky' the children will develop an understanding of changes within the environment during the autumn season. We will work together to follow instructions and make yummy pumpkin soup. The children will explore what makes a good hibernation habitat and which animals hibernate during the winter. We will dive deeper into number and focus on how we can represent numbers in a variety of ways. 



To immerse the children into our new topic, we went on a local walk to identify seasonal changes in our environment. We learnt that these changes tell us that it is now autumn time. We explored the shape, size and colour of leaves and how the trees were bare. We discussed how the leaves had fallen to the floor and why. We collected our favourite leaf from our walk and brought them back to our classroom. We shared the story 'Leaf Man' which inspired us to create our very own leaf men! We explored the texture and smell of a pumpkin and made our very own pumpkin soup. We then tasted it and discussed our preferences. We became scientists and took part in an experiment to test what materials make a good hibernation den for animals to keep nice and warm throughout the winter. We worked in groups to plan and design our very own dens for hibernating animals, we then sung rhymes to help them to fall asleep. Our dens were absolutely wonderful! 



The children developed a great understanding of spotting signs of autumn within their surrounding environment. Most children were able to identify what makes a good hibernation den. This was demonstrated through group work during input sessions while implementing key questioning to assess understanding. The children then took this skill into the continuous provision where they created hibernation dens using various materials with purpose. 


The children were fantastic at representing number through marks, pumpkin prints, a tally, finger prints and using their fingers. They loved to get messy when making prints! We will continue to develop this skill throughout next half term.  

The children enjoyed to read a variety of books linked closely to our topic. We explored main story settings, main characters and events with a key focus to develop our ability to use full sentences. Additionally, the children were wonderful at explaining how they think that characters would feel in the story and some children were also able to explain why. 


In Nursery we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We shared the story ‘where the poppies now grow’ and said a prayer for all of the brave soldiers. We then made our very own red poppies and created wonderful displays. We took a part in the school lovely remembrance morning and listened to excellent readings and poems created by our older friends. 

  🌟 Enterprise week! 🌟 

Twinkle twinkle tea light jar...

We had great fun creating our very own beautiful tea light candles in preparation for Enterprise week! 🌟

Look at our amazing Falling from the Sky learning environment in Nursery!!!