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Meet the staff!

Class Teacher Miss Teasdale

Early Years Practitioner Mrs Cholewa


We would like to welcome you all in Nursery!!!

Our Nursery is warm and welcoming, bright and colourful and a really fun place to learn. Equipment has been carefully chosen to provide a stimulating and child centred environment where your child will take their next steps on their learning journey. Our most recent Ofsted in December 2018 states that 'activities inspire children to be independent and creative in their learning' and we create 'a bright, vibrant and exciting environment'. We hope you enjoy our website which will help you to find out all about starting your journey in St Francis Xavier Primary School.

We are looking forward to seeing you, having fun and getting busy.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding your child and their education.

We will ensure we make time to meet or speak with you. 

Miss Teasdale and Mrs Cholewa

In Nursery we have been sketching and using watercolour paint to paint our favourite minibeasts! Look at our AMAZING creations!

In nursery we have been doing lots of learning through the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The story is about a little caterpillar who is very hungry. We follow him through the week as he eats lots of different fruit and lots of other food too, until he is very big and very full. He then spins himself a cocoon and after two weeks inside, he emerges at a beautiful butterfly.
As we read the book we talked about where the story took place and how we knew this. We talked about the different fruit and which fruit we had tried and liked, we also talked about healthy eating as the hungry caterpillar ate lots of other food that made his tummy hurt! We discussed the life cycle of the butterfly and how the egg changes into a caterpillar first, then into a cocoon and then into a butterfly. In our choosing time we were very creative. We made some symmetrical butterfly pictures using a mirror to help us, we also made some caterpillar pictures using a balloon! We used dough to exercise our fingers and make wings for the butterfly, caterpillars and cocoons, we learned a new song, looked at non-fiction books and used models to help us to understand more about the life cycle of a butterfly and we dressed up as caterpillar and a butterfly to take on the role of the character in the story. The children really enjoyed the learning about the very hungry caterpillar and revisited the book independently lots of time in the reading area.

Wow! Another busy week and lots of brilliant learning!
Please talk to your child at home about their understanding of the story and keep an eye out in your garden for hungry caterpillars and beautiful butterflies.

What a great start to the summer term! 

We are learning all about... MINIBEASTS!

Look at our immersive classroom!

How exciting! ... In Nursery we're hatching baby chicks!

Playing with dolls is great for all children! It helps them improve their social skills, empathy towards others and their sense of responsibility. It is a wonderful way to develop language skills. We love caring for our dolls!!

WE LOVE DENS!!! Making them, breaking them, participating in make-believe play in them! We worked together with a passion for creating and a of sense adventure!

Nursery enjoyed exploring making marks in sensory materials!

In Nursery we have been busy exploring 2D shapes. we have been on a shape hunt outside and around our classroom!

We have been growing our own vegetables and flowers as well as conducting experiment on beans to see what plants need to help them grow.

We explored the school playground to look for signs of new life in nature and to see how the things change and grow. The children recognised that Spring is a time when things begin to grow.

In Nursery we have been building our knowledge of what maps are and their purpose as well as developing some new map skills. We then used the skills we had learnt to design our own maps from the story 'Hansel and Gretel'.

Nursery have been very busy exploring different stories to celebrate World Book Day! We had lots of fun and exciting activities!

All of Nursery children enjoyed celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March by dressing up as their favourite book character! Look at our amazing costumes!

Nursery have been making potions! They have been talked about capacity and the amounts of each ingredients. They have had so much fun and we loved listening to their imaginative ideas of what their potions will be used for.

In Nursery we used powder paints in primary colours to explore colour mixing and different form of expression. We had so much FUN!!!

A BIG thank you to Mrs Nesbit

for buying the waterproof suits for our children. heart

The children love them and they love going outside to play

and learn in all sorts of weather.

They said they look like fire fighters!!!smiley

Nursery were practising their fine motor skills using wheetos and leaves.

Look at our FANTASTC BEANSTALKS!surprise

Nursery are getting better at writing their names.

Fantastic work Nursery!  We are so proud of you all!heartyes

We have had so much fun in Nursery! laugh

The children loved music and movement parachute activities.

They focused on rhythm and listening skills while worked together

to move the parachute in different ways.

What a fantastic gross movement activity!

Below is a curriculum letter which outlines all of the fun and exciting learning that we will be doing this half term: 


Our learning journey

During our topic, the children will listen to stories and use their imagination to bring them to life. They will use their senses to explore the world around them as they explore characters and events in our much loved traditional tales. The children will have the opportunity to engage with stories and explore their feelings and thoughts as they listen, read or watch. 


The children in Nursery have had fantastic two weeks, they have been reading the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and enjoyed lots of exciting activities including retelling the story, creating beanstalk pictures, building beanstalks and even planting our own magic beans! 

The children have been loving listening to the story so much, so they decided to act out the story. There were some fab 'Fe Fi Fo Fums!'. This was a great language and social opportunity for children, they were learning new words, sharing their ideas and listening to each other too as they played. They also wrote 'wanted' posters to warn everyone about the Giant!

We set up a small world area where the children played beautifully together, using their imaginations to retell the story and take turns acting out the different characters. 

The children received a letter from the magic man who hid the magic beans around the school and carefully heard riddles and clues to try and figure where to find the magic beans. We found FIVE magic beans!!!

During the play the children talked about how big and high the beanstalk was and compared it to themselves. This inspired us to make our own beanstalk and measure each other to see how tall we were.

The children learned a lot of new language from staff about tall/short, bigger/smaller and looked at each other height closely. They were fascinated by the beanstalk and studied it for a long time, looking the beanstalk leaves and talking which one is bigger, medium or smaller. 


What an amazing Winter Market we have had!

Thank you to all our families who came and enjoyed the fun games and stalls. I hope you liked the wonderful Nursery Winter Jars! 


What an exciting morning we have had in Nursery!!!

We had a special visit from Santa Clause surprise

Enterprise week!

Twinkle Twinkle tea light jars...

We had great fun creating our very own beautiful winter jars in preparation for Enterprise week!


Our learning journey

During the topic 'Falling from the sky' the children developed the understanding of changes within environment during the autumn season. To immerse the children into our new topic, we went on a local walk to identify seasonal changes in our environment. We explored the shape, size and colour of leaves and how the trees were bare. We discussed how the leaves had fallen to the floor and why. We collected our favourite leaf from our walk and brought them back to our classroom. We shared the story 'Leaf Man' which inspired us to create our very own leaf men!

We explored the texture and smell of a pumpkin soup. We then tasted it and discussed our preferences. We loved the story 'Pumpkin soup'. We enjoyed pretending to be the Cat, the Squirrel and the Duck and acting out the story outdoors in our mud kitchen area.

We became scientists and took part in an experiment to test what materials a good hibernation den for animals throughout the Winter.

We learnt about nocturnal animals. We have been reading the story 'Owl Babies' and learnt five finger facts about owls. We enjoyed making our own rice cracker owl for snack. YUUUMMYYY! We used a range of tools to build our own owl nest and created little owlets. We discussed together how the owl babies felt when their mummy was gone. The children enjoyed looking after their little owlets. 

In Maths we have been reviewing our understanding of 1,2,3 and our ability to recognise different representations of these numbers.  

Friendship have continued to develop as we have enjoyed many team building activities such as den building. 


Check out our classroom environment...


In Nursery we celebrated Remembrance Day by learning the importance of the poppy. We have been sharing some books, along with the beautiful CBeebies short animation and making our own poppies.

We hope you like our fabulous displays!

Nursery children enjoyed dressing up for HISTORY DAY!

Take a look at our fantastic costumessurprise


Our learning journey 

Our Nursery children have had a great time exploring their new learning environment.

They have been busy with all of our exciting activities.

 As part of our phonics we were on our listening walk. We had so much fun! We were quietly walking round the school to listen to all different sounds. When our walk finished we sat in a big circle and we all said one sound we heard. We got some very interesting answers!

In Nursery we aim to instil a lifelong love of Reading into all our children, which we hope they will continue on their St Francis journey! We visited the school library for the first time. We learnt some important rules about the library and made sure we were very quiet. We were learning how to vote for stories and we enjoyed lots of different books!!!

As part of our topic, all Around the World, we were reading the story, 'You Choose'. We were focusing on the different types of home. We know the vocabulary flat, terrace, bungalow, semi-detached, detached and caravan. 

 During our maths we learnt about different representations of numbers1-3. We have made sets, played matching games and began learning how to subitise as part of our early maths development. 

 We enjoyed the 'Squiggle as you Wiggle' sessions. We had so much fun learning different movements. We danced using new movements and used it to make marks. Our sessions were great FUN but most importantly help our children to be confident mark makers!

We began to gain a wider experience about the world around us. We learnt through first-hand experiences to explore, observe people, plants and objects in our natural environments. We learnt about features in the local area and the buildings that surround them. We looked at the photographs of the local area to help us identified  features, for example a library, railway, church or mosque. We also tried to record our findings through drawing, writing, and modelling. We also have been learning about food and nutrition. The children explored foods from different cultures and learnt how food is grown and where it comes from. We know that food and healthy choices are important to us!


Look at our amazing learning...

We are so proud of our Nursery children, they have all been settled lovely and have been working so hard, exploring, being creative, and being friendly to all of our friends. What a fantastic first half term we had!smiley

Look at our fantastic 'All Around the World' learning environment in EYFS!!!


At St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School, we believe that a good early education is fundamental for a child’s success. Through achieving the balance between play and adult led sessions, our early year’s curriculum is designed to provide children with the best possible start in life. The children’s interests are at the heart of our syllabus which enables us to deliver a high quality and child led learning.

We strongly believe that children thrive in an environment where they feel safe, happy and respected. At St Francis, we achieve this through providing children with fun and engaging lessons, forming positive relationships with parents and listening and responding to each individual child’s need.


Each half term, we plan a topic which we feel will interest the children. This topic is then broken down into seven areas of learning which are: personal social and emotional development, communication and language, physical development, literacy. mathematics, expressive arts and design, and understanding the world. When delivering these sessions, children will participate in physical activities, discussion and role play activities to enable them to gain good knowledge and understanding of what is being taught. We strongly believe that children learn best through play therefore, anything which is taught is placed into the provision for children to explore in their own time either independently or with their peers.

Communication and language is essential in ensuring that children are able to reach age expected levels (or higher), across all areas of learning. Communication and Language is broken down into three vital parts which are: listening and attention, understanding and speaking. At St Francis, we provide the children with these skills through introducing a wide range of stories, poems and rhymes. We also ensure that children are exposed to high quality texts which build their vocabulary and promote questioning to develop their understanding further.


Delivering an enriched curriculum in the early years will provide children with the foundations they need to reach their full potential. By the time the children leave the foundation stage unit, they have learnt skills which will enable them to be successful throughout their school life. Explicit modelling, promoting independence and providing ongoing assessments, promotes high levels of engagement in learning, and enables the children to make rapid progress throughout their early years.

Throughout the day, children will engage in various stimulating activities within both the indoor and outdoor provision. There are activities that are adult led where we work alongside your child to support new skills. There will also be numerous open-ended activities for children to choose that promote independence and curiosity. Within the Foundation Stage, children learn through play which is fun and engaging! 






EYFS Curriculum