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Good News


During this topic the children talked about how they feel when they hear and share good news. We discovered how the Easter Season is filled with hope and joy as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We have been recalling the Good News of Easter when Jesus rose from the dead and also sharing our own good news. 

During the Reveal weeks we learnt that after Jesus went up to Heaven, he gave the gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. This is called Pentecost, often named as 'the birthday of the Church'. The feast celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit who breathed new life into the disciples who were frightened. It is the Spirit who leads and guides people into communion with God and fills them with courage and energy for the Christian life.  

In Nursery we used images such as air, wind and fire to help us understand the power of the Holy Spirit. During this wonderful topic the children had lots of fun exploring bubbles, windmills, making fire headbands and fire dances and deepening their understanding of the Holy Spirit. 



RE- Knowledge Organiser