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During this topic the children explored and talked about their own experience of 'growing' and how they feel about growing. During our Explore week the children had the opportunity to recognise growth in nature and discovered ways in which things grow through a range of activities. We have been growing our own vegetables and flowers as well as conducting experiments on beans to see what plants need to help them grow. We have been looking at life cycles of animals and matched animals to their young. We also explored the school playground to look for signs of new life in nature and to see how the things change and grow. The children recognised that Spring is a time when things begin to grow. This supported them in thinking about the ways in which they can grow in love to be more like Jesus during our Reveal weeks.

Throughout our Reveal weeks, the children learnt about Lent and recognised it as a time to grow more like Jesus as well as learning about Good Friday and getting ready to celebrate Easter. The children looked at ways in which they themselves and others can grow in goodness, kindness, helpfulness and love. To recognise how we can grow 'inside' to become more like Jesus, we have been working with the scripture

John 13: 34-35 'I love you and want you to love one another'.

Nursery have been expoloring Holy Week and recreated it through drama. We also created an Easter garden in small groups to show what happened on Easter Sunday. By the end of the topic the children recognised that Christians try to 'grow' more like Jesus' particularly during Lent.


RE- Knowledge Organiser