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Our topic for autumn is 'The Tudors'.  The pupils are learning all about the different kings and queens over this period of history from 1485 - 1603. They will be submerged in the Tudor way of life, having a grasp of what it felt like to live in those times, understand who was in power, what they wore and what different political, economic and religious changes took place.


They are discovering what happened in a chronological order.  They have been researching by means of texts, books and the internet to fully understand what happened during this time and then writing their own chronological reports on their findings. 


Looking at sources of evidence and debating what is true and what is not has been an interesting activity.  Looking at sources helps the pupils to devise historically valid questions about change, cause, similarity and difference, and significance.

Our History work this term on the Tudors

Frida Kahlo

As part of our Mexico topic, we have been learning about an influential Mexican artist and icon: Frida Kahlo. We have been researching her life and work and why she is an important, significant figure in Mexican history and culture.

In Literacy, we went on a learning journey which concluded with us writing a biography about Frida Kahlo. As she was famous for her self-portraits, we recreated our own Kahlo-inspired self-portrait in our Art lessons. We used our art skills to carefully sketch one half of her face, focusing on proportions, perspective and detail. In Topic, we explored Kahlo as a symbol of strength and resilience, delving into her life and analysing some of her artwork. Our task was to work in small groups to create a short presentation/speech/debate that tries to persuade the rest of the class that Frida Kahlo’s work is more influenced by either pain or passion. This links to one of her famous quotes we have been looking at: “Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change”. We worked hard to compile evidence for our arguments and then took it in turns to confidently present our work to the rest of the class, focusing in particular on our speech and language skills.

The Aztecs

We are now learning about the Aztecs:

Who were the Aztecs?