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Home Learning

Nursery online learning timetable - Thursday 13th May.

Reception online learning timetable - Thursday 13th May.

Year 2 online learning timetable - Thursday 13th May.

Year 3 online learning timetable - Thursday 13th May.

Year 4 online learning timetable - Monday 17th May

Year 5 online learning timetable - 14th May and W/C 17th May

Home Learning


Home learning is an important part of a child's learning and development, how can parents work together with school to support this ?


Parental Involvement

Research has shown that the influence of parental involvement can have a major impact on school readiness and attainment levels from birth right up to sixteen years old.  The Early Years Foundation Stage supports parents involvement in their child’s development, bridging the link between setting and home learning. We can build parental involvement through good communication and regular updates such as parents evenings. 


There are many ways parents can extend and support their child’s learning at home. Minimal input of resources and time can still heavily influence their learning. Easy low cost activities such as regular reading at home or singing nursery rhymes can support children’s basic language skills; whilst offering experiences such as exploring the local community can build a child’s understanding of the world and support a range of areas such as maths and physical development.


We love to see the amazing work our children are doing at home, so please continue to share any work and pictures with school.

Creative home learning from Reception

Magnificent home learning from Year One

Wonderful work from our Keyworker bubble

We worked together to create a church. Some made the model others the stained glass windows.


The KS1 children i listened to the story of Jesus meeting some fishermen and calling them to be his disciples. They created their own sea collage and added some fish. 

Art work linked to Jesus' miracles.
Artwork linked to “I am a child of God”

KS1 thought about being part of God’s world.

Lower KS2 thought about how they can look after the world given to them by God.

Upper KS2 designed their own piece of art to show ‘I am a child of God’

Home Learning Feedback



Dear Parent/Guardian


You have done an amazing job over the past few weeks - you have juggled so many roles and learned many new skills in the need to support your child's learning at home during the coronavirus pandemic and the whole staff here at St. Francis Xavier can never thank you enough. I would also like to thank the teaching and support staff for their unequivocal support and commitment in continuing your child's education in the most extreme difficult circumstances. We are constantly adapting and rising to the challenge for what lies ahead during the Spring term. Our School Risk Assessment is updated monthly and this is available on the school website for you all to look at.


Mrs Nesbit anticipated that January would bring a mixture of face to face teaching in the classroom and home learning. As a result of entering a second period of online learning, the school has devised a questionnaire to gain feedback about how we are doing. Can I ask you to please complete this questionnaire so that we can learn about the experiences of every single pupil working at home and better understand your perspective as a parent or guardian. We want to reflect on our practice and adapt our approaches accordingly. Our initial approach has been to provide pupils with paper based work packs and online learning activities. We have tried to adopt a flexible approach as each family has a different context and different needs. Most families have used a combination of online learning activities and paper based work packs whilst some families have opted for paper based work packs alone.


In relation to paper based work packs, some pupils completed packs and teachers have prepared more packs which were either collected by parents or delivered by staff to family homes. The challenge of using paper packs during lockdown has been particularly difficult, but I thank parents for both collecting and returning these to school, and the staff for marking and providing feedback to the children in their care.


In relation to online learning, we quickly became aware that some families either lacked devices for online learning or had devices that were incompatible for our school forums. We quickly organised a lending of laptops - especially adapted for home use. To date, numerous devices have been collected by parents or delivered by staff to family homes and I am delighted that parents have availed of the option to borrow school iPads. We have revamped the school website with a new and engaging platform, providing easier links to online learning platforms. Teachers are able to set further work for individual children based on the feedback they received about pupil engagement online. We have created the Teams Platform and all children have their own individual access to Teams.


Here at St. Francis Xavier, we would like to consult with you, as parents/guardians, as the evidence in research would indicate that effective partnership with parents enables the best outcomes for children. We all want what is best for your child and our staff really appreciate and value the opportunity to work in partnership with every parent or guardian in our school community.


Please take the time to complete the survey and don't hesitate to ask for help if required. We can improve our practice if we get constructive feedback. Please also take time to look at the school's new website in particular the amazing work undertaken by our pupils during lockdown (Home Learning and Class Pages.)


Kind regards


J O'Connor