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ICT Home Learning Activities


Creating Media – Digital Painting (KS1)

Encourage your child to explore the world of digital art (Microsoft paint) and its exciting range of creative tools. Empower them to create their own paintings, while getting inspiration from a range of other artists. Ask them to consider their preferences when painting with, and without, the use of digital devices and evaluate these.

Computing Systems and Networks – Information Technology around Us

Make posters and write evaluations on the following. How is information technology (IT) being used for good in our lives?

How is it used effectively in the home?

Learners can explore how IT benefits society in places such as shops, libraries, and hospitals.

How do we use technology responsibly and safely?

Creating media – Desktop publishing

Use software such as Word, Publisher or PowerPoint to consider font size, colour and font type. Add text and incorporate images into their own documents. Google Docs through Google Classroom if you don’t have access to Microsoft Software. Edit font, colour and user relevant images in work you are posting on Google Classroom. Good examples of this can be posted on Facebook.

Computing systems and networks – The internet

Explore how we find information on the World Wide Web, through learning how search engines work (including how they select and rank results). W

What influences searching?

 Compare the effectiveness of different search engines. Google the same topic on different search engines (Google, Bing) and see which provides more relevant information and better results.

Evaluate which methods of internet communication is best to use for particular purposes. Which forms of internet communication are formal and informal?

Evaluate online content (articles, educational websites, blogs and forums) to decide how honest, accurate, or reliable it is. Who wrote it? Are they qualified in this area? What date was it written? How old is it? Is information justified with statistics and scientific research?

What are the consequences of false information being presented on the information?