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At St Francis Xavier, we provide our children with a strong Singapore based maths curriculum, as it is globally recognised as one of the most impactful ways to teach and learn maths. We enable our children to become confident mathematicians, by introducing concepts through a concrete-pictorial- abstract approach. As they progress on their St Francis Xavier journey, the carefully planned ‘Inspire Maths’ progression builds up their mathematical development over time, thus providing the children with the experiences and skills they need to be fluent in the fundamentals of maths, can reason mathematically and leave our school “number smart”. We ensure that maths skills are not simply taught and applied during maths lessons, but that they are used cross-curricular and children can apply it to their everyday lives, to give a purpose to their learning.



Through the use of Inspire Maths Mastery, we provide our children with learning opportunities that encourage a range of manipulatives to be used, on a daily basis. At St Francis Xavier, Children will leave KS1 with a secure understanding of number, so that they are able to make links between key mathematical areas in KS2. During a lesson, teachers introduce a new concept or skill; this involves lots of mathematical discussion supported by concrete and visual representations on the whiteboard. This is followed by guided practice where pupils work collaboratively to solve problems. Pupils are encouraged to use concrete apparatus and share ideas in groups or individually, to develop fluency and build confidence. Maths is taught on a daily basis and the use of ‘live marking’ allows staff to stretch children through challenging reasoning problems and offer effective interventions to children, who are struggling to understand the concept.



At St Francis Xavier, our maths curriculum provides a consistent approach to the teaching of maths so that all of our children are provided with opportunities to improve their mathematical understanding and recognise relationships within the subject. We aim to encourage our children to have a mindset where they believe that anyone can achieve. It is imperative that the children of St Francis Xavier leave our school with the vital mathematical understanding that will support their further education and life skills.


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Fraction Calculation Support

TT Rock Stars is hugely popular at Saint Francis, each week we publish the leader boards and hand out certificates for the most correct answers. We have found that even five minutes each day can greatly improve children's recall of multiplication and related division facts. Please find a useful guide for parents below.

A Guide for Parents