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In maths we have been looking at representations of numbers 1,2,3. We have made sets, played matching games and began learning how to subitise.



Within nursery, we have maths input sessions everyday. Throughout this half term, we will be focusing on measuring using non-standard measurements. We will also be making our very own capacity potions! Following this, we will be learning all about number recognition, matching these to a quantity and developing our counting skills in a range of fun virtual activities.


Here are some fun maths activities that you can try at home-


Counting using natural resources.

Explore the fantastic outdoors and collect different natural items along the way. This is a great, free, open ended activity to enhance early maths. You can encourage counting, number recognition, ordering the size of different items and also grouping of objects. 



Number sensory tray

Using jelly, tweezers and plastic number figures create your very own sensory tray! This is an engaging activity that children will love as they are able to explore texture and also develop their number recognition. 


Exploring shape!

The outdoors provides numerous opportunities to explore different shapes and is completely free! You could gather different resources on a nature walk and discover which shapes you can make. You could use; leaves, flowers, twigs or pebbles.


Matching numeral to quantity.

Can you build towers using the same number of blocks to match the numeral? You can use; lego, blocks or any resources that you have at home which you can stack on top of each other! The children love to play this game. You could even challenge with siblings. Who has the tallest tower? How many blocks tall is your tower? Can you find the matching numeral?

Finger painting maths! 

Children love to get messy with paint! What better way to encourage children with their early number. In this fun activity, the children are required to finger print the same number to match the given numeral. 

Take size outdoors!!

Take the children outside to hunt for different items in their environment. Gather the items that you have found and encourage your child to place them from the longest to the shortest/ biggest smallest!