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In maths we have been working on our place value topic and consolidated our learning of Roman numerals by making our own board games including versions of snakes and ladders and monopoly.

Times tables are important for all children however in Year 4 a new government test is coming. The children will have 25 questions and 6 seconds to answer each question. The questions will be a mix of all tables to 12x12.  See the websites below to have fun learning times tables and getting up to speed.


Hit the Button, is a fun way to practise (You can also practise number bonds)


On Maths Frame children can do a mock times tables test (like the new one coming soon). They can see which they got incorrect.


TT Rockstars is a fun way to build speed recalling times tables. Children can choose an avatar and get coins. In Year 4, we check daily who has been on and they get 2 Dojos. We also print the certificates of the most improved children that week.


The websites below are great for games to practise skills taught.


Twinkl is an amazing website with many resources on that are differentiated. Just type in your year group and subject and it will give you worksheets. It is currently free.


We are currently working on area and perimeter click on the worksheets below to practise. You could also get some squared paper and draw on a shape and work out its area or turn it into a game and get someone to draw a shape for you.