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Once Upon a Jungle


Check out our jungle environment...

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We aim for the children to build relationships this half term with each other and with staff. We want the children to feel happy and safe in our learning environment. We also want children to begin to develop an understanding of number and phonics and explore the world around them. We want children to feel they can share their thoughts, feeling and ideas with others and to communicate these confidently.


The children will explore various habitats and develop an understanding of what living things can be found in the jungle. The children will explore how human activity has an effect on the wildlife that lives there as they explore the threats that the jungle faces. The children will listen and respond to jungle themed stories and will act out narratives and build a repertoire of songs, music and dances. The children will talk about how threats to the jungle makes them feel and will explore emotions through the texts we are reading. The children will explore subtraction through jungle scenarios and will develop an understanding of distance and shape as we walk through our jungle role play. Finally, the children will begin to explore patterns as the unlock a mysterious jungle cave!


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As the children were welcomed back to school, they built good relationships with staff and other children. Many parents commented on how pleased they were that their children had developed new relationships with others at school!


Once the children were settled back into school life, baseline assessments were carried out which enabled staff to plan Interventions to support the children where necessary. This ensured that the children were receiving the supper they needed to make good progress.

The children ensure exploring patterns through our engaging topic. Many children were able to explain and design three colour patterns. Other children demonstrated they were able to do this with adult support therefore; we will look at patterns again later on in the year. The children demonstrated their understanding of subtraction and some children were able to explain that this means the amount gets smaller! Many children are demonstrating a good recognition of numbers and Interventions were put in place to support those children who need some more time practising this skill.

As we explored and discussed factors that affect life in the jungle, the children developed a good understanding of the causes and effect of deforestation. This was demonstrated through the children's role play and writing. The children developed vocabulary linked to the jungle and used words such as 'murky' and 'humid' to describe the jungle environment.