St Francis Xavier

Catholic Primary School

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission statement at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School is embedded by the statement of ethos:     


‘Achieving excellence together, with God’s love.'



Our Mission Statement

At St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School 
we provide an environment for our community 
that enables each unique member 
to feel valued and become stronger 
as we embrace challenge and change. 
We let God’s love inspire us 
and his Word guide us 
as we grow together as a community 
in our enthusiasm for excellence 
in all that we do



The aims and ethos of our school are:


* To create a caring atmosphere built upon mutual love and respect for others and rooted in true Gospel values.

*To teach the Catholic Faith and provide experiences of the Church’s liturgy.

* To Cherish each child by seeking to provide an appropriate education that meets the individual needs, and supports everyone to achieve their full potential.

* To develop in each child a sense of his/her own worth and the unique contribution they can make to their family, school and community.

* To actively promote a partnership between home, school and parish that leads by example.

* To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is available to all.

* To provide a secure environment in which all members of our community are encouraged to try their best, be motivated by tolerance and self-discipline and guided by love.