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PE at St Francis Xavier inspires children to enjoy physical activity in order for children to want to be active. Lessons teach children about their bodies and how it is important to be active in order to have a healthy body as well as mind. PE teaches children how to problem solve, work as a team, build resilience and develop confidence. Children have high quality, skills and knowledge based PE lessons that teach them skills in a variety of sports. A varied curriculum is in place to support this, with activities including: dance, athletics, gymnastics, games, swimming, water safety and outdoor adventure activities.



Below, are statements for how PE is delivered in Saint Francis Xavier.

In PE, we use a range of activities that help increase a child’s time being physically active such as Supermovers in Maths and yoga for well-being activities.

Children have at least an hour each week of teacher led, high quality physical education. Throughout the week children will then have an additional hour of physical activity either in a block lesson or 15mins daily.

A PE Teacher from Xcite sports (an outside agency) delivers high quality skills and knowledge based lessons. Working with a different year group each half term. This is to deliver CPD to teachers as teachers help support during the lessons.

Playground leaders help run competitions between year groups. They organise multi-skills games at break times in order to develop their own leadership skills as well as physical activity of all children (helping to tackle childhood obesity).

 Outside competitions are attended each half term to develop teamwork and confidence.

Afterschool clubs offer a wide range of sports to increase physical activity as well as another opportunity for children to experience new sports.

Year 4 children attend swimming with lifesaving skills in order to achieve 25m and be safe around water. If children don’t achieve the 25m in Year 4 they have the opportunity to take additional lessons in Year 5 in order to achieve 25m.

Year 5 have the opportunity to take part in adventurous outdoor physical activity on the residential trip to Kingswood once a year.

Teacher Assessment of skills and knowledge taught will monitor children’s ability and will inform future lessons. Formative assessment is to be carried out and completed on O Track each half term after a unit of PE is taught.

Teachers have a long-term plan of which area of PE is to be delivered in which term to ensure full coverage of the curriculum. Lesson plans from Get Set 4 PE are to be used when not working with the teacher from Xcite sports.

During Key Stage 2: Pupils should be taught the knowledge, skills and understanding of PE through 5 elements. Each year, KS2 pupils should be taught Athletic Activities, Games (Net and Wall. Striking and Fielding, Invasion and Target), Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming (Year 4).

Healthy eating days will promote how to eat healthy and the importance of a balanced diet.


Children have at least 2 hours of physical activity each week. Children can discuss and show good knowledge of how to keep their body and mind healthy. All children, before they leave the school, will have had an opportunity to take part in a competitive sport.