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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development



In St Francis Xavier Nursery we create a supportive and nurturing climate and ethos which provides children with a sense of safety, security, belonging and self-worth by:

  • Establishing and developing mutually respectful relationships with and between adults and children
  • Understanding children’s unique qualities and attributes so they feel valued and develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others
  • Knowing and understanding children’s family contexts and dynamics
  • Setting rules, establishing boundaries, following routines and explaining consequences
  • Modelling and explaining behaviours and emotions and how to manage and resolve conflict
  • Empowering children to be independent enabling them to make informed choices and decisions
  • Using praise to build confidence


 Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Personal, Social and Emotional Development is highly valued and underpinned by British values.

Children’s emotional well-being thrives when they have positive and strong relationships with adults and other children. This starts with a clear and robust transition programme. Information is collected about each child through home visits, stay and play sessions, visiting other settings and discussions with parents, carers and key workers. This information is used to inform the design of the environment and helps to focus the learning in the first few weeks of term.

  • On entry quality time is spent establishing clear structures, routines and boundaries.
  • Our timetable is planned so that children get to know their new environment, make new friends and build trusting relationships with adults.
  • The environment is set up to promote independent learning encouraging children to make their own informed decisions and choices.
  • Praise and mutual respect are corner stones of our behaviour policy and are used to create a positive ethos where children feel equally valued, safe and develop high self-esteem.
  • Rules are explained and visually displayed so that children understand that actions can have consequences and begin to learn to manage their own behaviour.
  • Circle Time is used for direct teaching of British Values and specific Personal, Social and Emotional knowledge

e.g. keeping safe, understanding emotions and appropriate behaviours.


Adults understand how to create a nurturing climate and ethos by:

  • Providing good role models of how a good citizen should behave
  • Demonstrating how to be a good friend
  • Showing respect and fairness and are consistent in their approach
  • Listening carefully to children, responding to their needs, helping them understand their emotions and empathising and communicating with children and their families.


By the end of my time in Nursery I will know how to…

  • Make positive relationships
  • Dress and undress
  • Persevere
  • Manage risk and keep myself safe
  • Compromise and negotiate to resolve conflict
  • Manage my own personal hygiene
  • Share and take turns
  • Wait for my turn
  • Focus my attention
  • Follow rules and manage my own behaviour
  • Express and talk about my emotions
  • Follow instructions