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Practicing letter formation.

In Nursery, we love to use sensory activities to practice our letter formation and mark making. Below you will find some simple idea's that you could try at home!


Use a tray/ plate and fill it with salt. Encourage your child to use a range of tools to make marks. This could include; their finger, a paintbrush, a straw, a pipe cleaner, cotton buds for example. 


You can use various materials according to what you have at home! You could try a different tray each time and assess how your child best engages. 


Fill a sealy bag with paint and selotape to a flat surface. You can also add some glitter if you would like to. 


This activity is an absolute favorite in our class, simply add shaving foam to a tray. The children love to get messy! What better way to engage the children in developing their early writing skills.