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Whether it's your favourite story, books from school, magazines and reading a story together every day, reading is SUPER important! We love to hear about all the books you are reading. Why don't you write a book review and inspire other children to read a book? You can find a useful book review template at the bottom of this page...


Year 2 love to read!

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Our reading adventures...

We can read more than just books...

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Words are everywhere! What will you read next?

Year 2 read and performed a poem about fireworks! We learnt about onomatopoeias like pop, crackle, spit, zip and zoom! How many more can you think of?

What books have we studied so far in Year 2?

What are your book recommendations?

Reading at home?


Here are some questions you could ask your child to check their understanding:

Where did ... ?

When did ... ?

Who did ... ?

Why was ... feeling?

Why did ... happen?

Why did ... say ... ?

What happened when ... ?

How does ... make you feel?

Ten Top Tips for Reading Stories to your Child...

What colour Book Band are you on?

Asking targeted reading questions is a great way of helping your child improve their reading comprehension skills. Find your child's book band colour and go ahead!

At St Francis Xavier, we love to READ!

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Reading Record sheet