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As part of our career based learning we have been looking at inspirational female scientists and writing a biography on them.


In our topic of classification, we looed at how to classify living things using the Linnean system.

In light, we explored how light travels, the spectrum of light and shadows.

NASA Kids’ Club provides a plethora of space focused games, videos, images and activities to introduce and help kids learn about the world of space.

BrainPOP offers educational animated videos and lessons covering different science topics. Each featured science topic comes with illustrative videos, quizzes, and accompanying activities.

Discovery Kids is another excellent source of educational video content to help kids learn about different science topics. The site also provides interactive games and links to mobile science apps for kids.

Science for Kids is a website that features a treasure trove of educational science materials. These include online games, experiments, lesson plans, quizzes, science projects, free activities and many more.

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