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Our current topic in Science is...

Protecting the Environment


In Science, the children will be exploring a new unit entitled ‘Protecting the Environment’. This will be linked to the learning in our previous class topic, ‘Planet Earth’, as we explore the different lifestyles and habitats of different species around the world. The teaching of Science follows the ARK Curriculum scheme, which is an extremely comprehensive, knowledge based resource to embed learning in children’s long term memory.


Driver Question: Why protect the environment and what part can I play?


“The truth is the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have, and we need to defend it.” - David Attenborough

Unit Overview:

This unit is designed to expand pupils’ subject knowledge of habitats through the lens of how and why they should be protected. The content is designed to support pupils in understanding why the environment is important and what they can do to make a difference. Pupils will develop an understanding of ecological challenges of the modern world, engage with environmental issues and understand how simple changes can have a large impact.


Lesson 1: Can I explain the dangers to local environment and the animals within it?

Lesson 2: Why is recycling important?

Lesson 3: How can we be energy efficient with water?

Lesson 4: How can we be energy efficient with electricity?

Lesson 5: Why are trees important?

Lesson 6: What difference can I make at home and at school?

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip!

Still image for this video

In Year 2 we have been comparing the habitats of the Sahara and the Arctic. What similarities and differences can you spot?

Habitats and Microhabitats


Let's design and build a wormery!

Minibeast hunt!

We explored the school grounds to see what plants and other wildlife we could find. We learnt that the school is in an urban habitat as it is in a town area with lots of buildings and roads. However, the area of the school grounds that we look at was wooded area with lots of leaves, trees and other plants. We recorded our findings in a tally chart.

Everyday Materials

What material would be best for a castle? That’s what Year 2 are investigating in Science!

How can we help prevent plastic pollution?