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Classification and Environments

This term our topic is classification and environments. We will be focusing on how we classify and identify a range of plants and animals.


Below is the learning journey we will be undertaking as part of our science topic.


What is a habitat and what is a living thing?

How do organisms within an ecosystem depend on each other?

How can we classify animals?

How can we classify animals without a backbone?

How can we classify animals with a backbone?

How can we classify plants?

Who were Libbie Hyman and Carl Linnaeus?

How can environments change?

What is in our local environment?

What impact are we having on our local environment?


Use the websites below to watch clips and read information about Year 4 science topics. Search for electricity (conductors and switches), teeth, food webs and food chains, materials (solids, liquids and gases), Sound (how sound travels).


Click on the links below to play science games, find interesting experiments to do and learn historical science facts.