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Wellbeing Support

Evidence shows that mental health and wellbeing programmes in schools can lead to significant improvements in children's mental health. Wellbeing provision in schools can also lead to a reduction in classroom misbehaviour and bullying.

School years are key to developing social and emotional skills. This period sets a pattern for how a young person will manage their own mental health and wellbeing into adulthood. 

At St Francis Xavier, we have a sharp focus on promoting wellbeing, building resilience and good mental health will improve outcomes for children and young people. Support young people to build emotional resilience can help them to cope with and bounce back from adversity and can ultimatley help to prevent the development of mental health problems in later life. 

Here at St Francis Xavier, we care about the wellbeing and mental health of our children but also that of our staff, parents and all other members of the community that are involved with our School.


If you would like further support or information please contact the School and we will be happy to help our qualified Mental Health First Aider and Pastoral team are available to discuss any concerns you may have. Please also see below links with additional resources.

It is important that we understand enough about the internet to keep our children safe from harm, whilst still being able to equip them with the skills they need for their future. Talking regularly to your child about what they are doing online will help them to feel relaxed and talk to you more openly about any worries they may have.

Keeping Safe Online