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Year Four

Roman Mosaics


Did you know Roman mosaics were one way in which individuals displayed how wealthy they were? In our lesson we spent time learning all about roman mosaics and how patterns varied to show the wealth of the individual. We then listened to an interview from Jim Irvine, a farmer, who recently uncovered a Roman mosaic in a field in Rutland! 

We completed a hot seating activity before writing a letter to the editor of BBC News from the perspective of Jim Irvine to inform them of our discovery.

Here is the link to the news article if you would like to learn more, or ask one of the Year 4 pupils!

Roman Mosaic Discovered in Rutland

Romans in Doncaster Workshop

Still image for this video
Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Doncaster Museum to learn more about the Romans in Doncaster.
We enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities and handling real Roman artefacts including an Amphora found underneath Primark in Doncaster!

Roman Invasion


In our Histoy lesson we explored the Roman invasion of Britannia and began by using maps to identify where the Romans conquered and the path which they moved through the country. We then had a class debate to think of the pros and cons of fighting against Roman invasion and as a class, we concluded that the Celtic tribes should fight against Roman invasion to try and protect their land. 


Historical sources


We deepened our understanding of how we understand historical events by evaluating a range of sources in our lesson. 

Creating a line of continuum allowed us as a class to evaluate the effectiveness of sources showing what life was like in Roman Britain. 

After evaluating our sources we each decided on the most effective source and were able to give reasons for why we thought this.