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Computing Intent at St Francis Xavier

At our school we want our children to be active participants in a digital world by fostering children’s thirst for new experiences. Through teaching computing, we will build on prior learning and equip our children to be resilient in the ever changing technology world. Children will be independent and collaborative learners and learn how to use technology responsibly and safely to develop their love for computing in future life.  

Year 5 - iDraw

Year 3 - exploring simulations

Year 2 - Computers through the years...

Year 2 have been learning about how computers have evolved over the years since their invention. They ordered the different types of computers chronologically on a timeline.

Year 5 - iProgram

Year 4: iAnimate

In our computing lesson we were getting better at understanding what a network is. We discussed different types of networks like rail network and electricity networks. We then discussed connections and that means you can share information and documents between computers. We looked at connections that are wired and wireless. We took a class tour around school to find different connections to the server and different networks we could see. Finally, we made a map of our school network showing the different connections between devices. Here is what we found and the maps we made.

In this unit, Year 2 are working towards creating their own stop-frame animation. They have been exploring how animations are created and discussing examples of popular animations. They have also experimented with this by creating their own flipbook. This has helped them to deepen their understanding of how animations are created by displaying a series of still images very quickly, making it look like they are moving. 

Year 2 - iSearch

Year 2 have been learning how to use the internet to find out answers to questions. They have also learnt about the importance of verifying the accuracy of information given on the internet and how to check multiple sources before answering questions.

Year 4 iProgram

Year 4 have been using Scratch to investigate programming. This is a programme they are also able to use at home and explore further for free.

Year 1 - ialgorithm

Year 1 have been understanding that algorithms are precise instructions that can be followed. We programmed a beebot to follow precise instructions around the map! 

Year 5 iProgram

Year 5 have been using scratch in order to program variables into a set of instructions.