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Maths Intent at St Francis Xavier


We strongly believe that all children, no matter what their starting points, can become confident, competent mathematicians. The use of Inspire Maths Mastery is fundamental to ensuring children experience a range of concrete, pictoral and abstract learning to maximise their understanding of mathematics. It is essential that, through EYFS and KS1, children have a secure knowledge of number at the earliest opportunity and use all available time to make as much progress as possible in this area. Our Maths curriculum, through consistent high expectations and challenge, ensures the majority of children leave KS2 with sustained Mastery. This means children are fluent in basic concepts, can reason mathematically and are able to make links with their knowledge to solve problems in relation to National standards. It is our intent that children build on some of the school’s intents in Maths specifically, working independently and collaboratively, building on prior knowledge, show resilience and peer and self-reflect.

Nursery - Maths - Shapes

Our Nursery children have been working really hard at recognising shapes. The children went on a shape hunt indoors and outdoors and managed to lots of objects of different shapes. The children also made their own dragons out of shapes, using circles as the head and triangles as the ears and teeth. 

Nursery - Maths - Measuring length

Nursery children have been looking at measuring snakes using their feet and cubes. Some snakes were as big as 13 footsteps and some were as small as 10 cubes. 

Maths in Year 2 - Multiplication and Division

Year 2 have been learning all about Multiplication and Division in Maths.

Maths - Linking numerals to amounts!

This week nursery have been working really hard on linking their numbers to amounts. Nursery children have been making groups of objects that match the number shown. The children especially enjoyed counting out dinosaurs!

Y1 Marvellous Mathematicians - Addition within 20 using a Ten Frame

Year 4: Fractions

So Many Shapes!

Nursery have been looking at lots of shapes this week. Children were particularly interested in the circle and making snowmen out of 3 different sized circles. Children talked about how the circle is round and that it has no straight sides. Children have been exploring shapes in playdough and making lots of circles.

Nursery - Maths, Maths, Everywhere! Embedded across our curriculum and our learning environment.

Year 4 multiplication

In Autumn 2, Year 2 have been learning about addition and subtraction.

Nursery children have been enjoying sorting different objects and sorting them by colour. Children especially like to sort objects when it is tidy up time!

Year 6 - Four Operations

Year 6 have been taught the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and have been applying these skills to worded problems. 

Year 5 - Addition and Subtraction

Exploring Patterns - In maths reception children have been exploring patterns. Children have been making patterns using natural materials and also from different objects in the school!

Year 5 have been taught formal written methods for addition and subtraction, and have then been applying those skills when problem solving. 

Year 4 - Addition and Subtraction

Year 4 have been practising a formal written method for addition and subtraction and applying these skills to problems.

Year 3 have been practising a formal written method for addition and subtraction and have been applying these skills to solve problems. 

Taller or Shorter? Reception children have not only been comparing the height of their towers but also the height of themselves!

Reception children have been busy matching today! Children have been finding their friends who have the same sock and creating pairs!

Year 3 - Addition and Subtraction

Year 2 - Place Value

Year 2 have been looking at place value and counting in multiples of 10.

Year 1 - Place Value

Year 1 have been looking at place value within 10. 

Reception children have been looking at how many letters are in their name, using blocks to support their counting!

Nursery children enjoy the maths opportunities that are all around us everyday! There are lot's of opportunities for us to explore, think, talk and do. We also have a daily maths focus at registration to count, compare, talk about the days of the week and months of the year and sing lots of number songs too!