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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Teachers: Miss R Hodby and Miss L Langston


Hello everyone! A warm welcome to our Year Three class page. We are looking forward to an exciting year of fun and new learning. Please revisit this page to find weekly updates, useful websites and to explore what we have been learning about in class. Our Autumn 2 topic is all about Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age where we will go on a journey to understand the earliest settlements and people in Britain and how they transformed their daily lives in innovative ways. We can't wait to see the progress and achievements each individual makes in Year Three.  

Music- Space Oddity

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In music this term we have been learning about ballads. We listened to different ballads such as Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers and I will always love you by Whitney Houston. We compared ballads to our last topic of Viking songs as there was a huge difference in lyrics, pitch and instruments used in the songs. We really enjoyed learning this ballad by David Bowie- Space Oddity.

Our flight poems

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For our latest English writing journey we have been learning about poetry. We explored different types of poems and immersed ourselves in flying and going through an airport. We learnt about alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, rhyming words and different refrains. The children created and wrote their own flight poems then performed them with their own actions. Here are the end results of our own flight poems.

In our computing lesson we were getting better at understanding what a network is. We discussed different types of networks like rail network and electricity networks. We then discussed connections and that means you can share information and documents between computers. We looked at connections that are wired and wireless. We took a class tour around school to find different connections to the server and different networks we could see. Finally, we made a map of our school network showing the different connections between devices. Here is what we found and the maps we made.

Reciting a poem

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In English we have been learning about Poetry. Here is a poem we recited with actions focusing on tone, volume and intonation. Well done Year 3!

For homework over the Christmas holidays Year 3 had to create and design their own Europe inspired projects. We have famous landmarks, fact files about different countries and lots of different European flags.

Immersive English Experience

Year Three loved their 'journey to France' immersive experience.  They went through passport control, airport security, the waiting area and finally boarded the exciting flight to France. They enjoyed discussing the different sounds and sights they would see and hear along the way. Great ideas for their travel poems they will be writing!

Our nativity!

Year 3/4 had an amazing time performing their nativity yesterday! We are all so proud of all the hard work the children put into learning their lines and the songs. Well done to all!

We created amazing posters for Enterprise week. These colourful posters will be displayed on our Winter Fayre stall. We thoroughly enjoyed making reindeer lollies to sell.

RSE- Respecting our bodies

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We explored the importance of respecting our bodies as a gift from God in very practical ways, such as clothing, food and physical exercise. The children reflected on their bodies as a gift from God by suggesting ways they can show respect for their own bodies. Here are their ideas.


Year Three have enjoyed learning about Jewish Synagogues. They went on a virtual tour of different Synagogues online and explored different artefacts found inside. 

Remembrance Day

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For Remembrance Day we all brought in empty plastic bottles to create our own painted poppies. Then we joined the rest of the school in a two minute silence to remember all those who gave their lives for us. Next we attached our painted poppies and pictures we had made for Remembrance Day around the playground. We will remember them!

Stone Age homework projects

For homework over the holidays Year 3 had to create and design their own Stone Age inspired projects. We have spears, drawings, fossils, Stone Age landscapes and caves. Here are the finished projects!

Stone Age Hunting

In Year Three, we designed and created our own Stone Age tools and weapons to hunt animals with. We challenged ourselves to only use Stone Age materials and methods including stone, wood and animal tendons!

Spanish- Counting to 10

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Year 3 have learnt how to count to 10 in Spanish.

RE- Promises

For our Promises topic in RE we explored the different groups we belong to in and out of school and discussed what it means to be in a group and a shared community. 

We then looked at Baptism as a special Sacrament where both our families, Godparents and ourselves make a promise to God. We compared the similarities and differences between Jesus' Baptism and a Baptism that would take place in a Church today.

Black History Month

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For Black History Month Year Three have been focusing on Martin Luther King Jr. We have read poems about him, researched facts about him for homework and rewrote his famous 'I have a dream' speech. The children's 'I have a dream' speeches show their dreams and hopes for themselves as well as the world.

Year Three have been working hard on their Geography skills whilst learning about the United Kingdom. They have been identifying different counties in the UK and using the compass points to explain their location. They have linked their English and Geography work together by using the facts they have found in their non-fiction information texts.


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We started our PE lesson with a warm up of the traffic light game. The children had to stop (red), walk (amber) and sprint (green) when I said a colour. Afterwards we discussed the importance of a warm up. Then we practiced passing the ball to each other, making sure we had control of the ball. After that, we practiced dribbling the ball from one side of the hall to the other, keeping control of our ball. Finally we played a football match using the skills we'd practiced in the session.

National Poetry Day!

For National Poetry Day Year 3 listened and explored different poems. We looked at the rhymes within the poems and said what we liked and disliked about each poem. We listened to poem by Michael Rosen and Dennis Lee. Then we got into groups and practiced reading a poem about Martin Luther King Jr. Each group then read their poem to the class

Spanish- cómo estás, como te llamas

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Year 3 have been learning the basics of Spanish. We are really enjoying learning a new language and getting to speak to others in Spanish. Here is what we have learnt so far.

Art- Using clay to make UK landmarks

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Year Three have been using clay to create UK landmarks in art. In groups, we rolled, flattened and manipulated the clay to create the famous landmarks The Angel of the North and Stone Henge. After each person made one part of the landmark, the group then added the different parts all together to make one larger landmark. Here are our final UK landmark creations!

Year 3 love using the library!

Welcome to our immersive classroom!

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Year 3 told stories through music

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Year 3 started by closing their eyes and listening to a piece of music called 'Night on the bare mountain' by Mussorgsky. Afterwards we discussed what sort of story could go with this music. We mapped out three musical sections and wrote down what would happen in each part of the story linking to the music. Finally, in pairs the children acted out their story alongside the music.

Important Information:


Homework- Homework will be given out each Friday and is due in the following Friday. Homework will usually consist of spellings, timetables practice, and either a SPaG , reading comprehension or a Maths worksheet.


PE- PE is on a Tuesday. All children must have the correct school PE kit of white t-shirt and black shorts. (Track suits may be worn as the weather turns colder). Please ensure that all children have trainers to enable them to fully participate. 


Reading- Children will have the opportunity to take a school reading book home and also have access to reading for pleasure books both in the classroom and in the school library. We challenge each child to aim to read their school book at home every evening. Please bring your book to school daily, along with your signed reading record (by an adult), to show you have read at home. 


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at school or arrange a meeting,

Thank you 


Miss Hodby and Miss Langston



Weekly Timetable

Our timetable works on a fortnightly cycle.




Year Three's Reading Challenge

Can you complete our weekly reading challenge? Your aim is to climb each of our reading mountains by the end of the week to see what your prize is. Remember to bring your reading record every day so we can see who has read. You can also win prizes, dojos and certificates for reading at home!