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How we Implement our Curriculum

At St Francis Xavier we recognise that pupils learn by linking new knowledge with that which they already know. Our curriculum documentation details how our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards clearly defined end points at the end of each unit, half term, term, phase and key stage. 


Subject Policies 

Our subject policies detail how the curriculum for that subject is implemented effectively and consistently across the school.


EYFS Curriculum

Our EYFS curriculum documents detail our curriculum for the children in Nursery and Reception. The EYFS curriculum is organised into the seven areas of learning specified in the Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage. Connections are explicitly drawn between different areas of learning in order support pupils with making meaningful connections between what they have learned. 


Subject Long Term Plans

Each subject's long term plan details the key knowledge taught in each subject in each year group and the order it is to be taught in.


Medium Term Plans

Medium term plans (see class pages) then detail the knowledge and vocabulary to be taught specifically in each unit of work and the sequence in which it will be taught. This ensures that we are able to offer a broad, ambitious, knowledge rich and progressive curriculum to all pupils. Some curriculum subjects follow a carefully selected scheme of work. The schemes of work used in our school are:


Phonics: Read, Write, Inc Scheme
Reading: Oxford Reading Tree 
Maths: Ark Maths Mastery
Religious Education: Come and See
RSE: Ten Ten Life to the Full
Science: Ark Mastery Curriculum
History: Ark Mastery Curriculum
Geography: Ark Mastery Curriculum
Music: Kapow Primary
PE: Get Set 4 PE
Computing: iCompute
Spanish: Language Angels 


Knowledge End Points

Our knowledge End Points in the EYFS, RE, Computing History, Geography and Science detail the knowledge and vocabulary being taught in a specific unit and make reference to prior learning so that meaningful connections can be made to support pupils with building long term memory.