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The Intent of our Science Curriculum 


Intent - 

Our high-quality, knowledge based science education at St Francis Xavier aims to provide all learners with the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, physics and chemistry, as well as develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena within every pupil. 

Our curriculum aims to give purposeful learning opportunities that build on children's prior learning. Children should be taught through enquiry based learning, where they are given time to investigate, prove and justify theories and reasons. 

Science links in with other school intents; working independently and collaboratively and trying new experiences. 

Year 3- exploring rocks

For our first Science lesson we explored what a rock is. We conducted an investigation where we explored the three different types of rocks. We described how they felt and made predictions on what type of rock we thought it was.

Year 4 - Teeth and Digestion

Year 3: Skeletons and Muscles

Y2: Materials

Testing the absorbency of different materials

Year 1: Materials

Year 5: Earth and Space

Year 2 - 'Plants and Growth'

Year 2 have been comparing soaked beans and dry beans. They dissected some runner beans to find out what is inside them.

Year One plants

For our Science topic of Plants Year One explored the different parts of a plant. They each had their own plant that they got to touch and dissect. We felt the petals, the stem, the roots, the soil and the leaves. Then we labelled the different parts of a plant in our books.

Year 4 Magna Trip (Big Circuits workshop)

Year 5 - Life Cycles

This half term we have been learning about life cycles in Science lessons. We have used various scientific skills in this unit including asking questions, drawing conclusions, recording data and using sources. 

Year 2 - 'Protecting Our Environment'

Understanding The World: Planting Beans

In Nursery we planted our own magic beans. We talked about how to look after the bean plants and prepared to watch them grow.

Year 4 have been busy investigating how Sound travels and how different materials absorb sound as well as what can affect the volume of a sound.

Year 3- Does light travel through all materials?

For our science lesson we were looking at how light travels through materials. We learnt the new vocabulary of opaque, translucent and transparent and their meaning. Using torches we shone the light through different materials to see if they were opaque, transparent and translucent. Finally we ordered the materials from the one that allowed the least light to pass through (opaque) to the one that allows the most light to pass through (transparent).



Year 3: Light

Science in Year 2 - Habitats

Year 6: Evolution

Year 5: Materials

Nursery - Float and Sink

In Nursery the children have been learning about what objects float and what objects sink. We watched a very interesting video and learnt lots of new things. The children then took what they had learnt and put it into practice. They gathered around the water area and chose different objects. The children then guessed which objects would float and which objects would sink. This was a very fun experiment!

Year 1; Amazing Animals

Year 4: Classification and Enviroment

In Science, Year 2 have been learning all about habitats. 

Exploring Ice in Reception

Today we explored our frozen playground. We talked about why water turns solid and how it melts. We also discovered some beautiful cobwebs which had frozen.


Nursery have been looking at the different seasons! We say goodbye to autumn soon and hello to winter!

Year 4 are investigating states of matter

Year 6 have been looking at how light travels and how we see.

Year 5 have been investigating Earth and Space which has included recording information on different daylight hours around the world.

Year 4 have been investigating teeth and the digestive system.

Year 3 have been investigating the skeletal system of humans and animals.

Year 2 have been looking at how animals survive.

Year 1 have been categorising everyday materials.

Exploring Autumn in Reception - The children have enjoyed looking at signs of autumn and talking about what animals do during this time of year. We have enjoyed building our own cosy and warm hibernation dens to help the wildlife survive. We have also created some artwork inspired by the colours we see during autumn.

Nursery have been learning about the natural world. We have enjoyed autumnal walks, looked at books and objects to observe and talk about changes in the seasons. We used our senses to explore seasonal fruit and vegetables.