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Summer 1

Meet the Nursery Team



EYFS Leader: Miss Viggars



Class Teacher: Miss Viggars

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Kaur 



Welcome to Nursery!


In our Topic, 'The Land Before Time,' children will be immersed in the world of Dinosaurs. We will learn about our world back then: the explosive volcanoes, the ferocious dinosaurs, and the incredible work of Palaeontologists.


Children will know what it was like when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth. They will understand that all dinosaurs were different and had different diets. Children will do the work of a Palaeontologist and experience digging for fossils in our parental engagement session.



Exploring Odd Numbers

There's a Dinosaur in our Classroom!

Still image for this video

Herbivore Dinner Party

What was it like when the Dinosaurs were alive?

What's in the Egg?

Bye-Bye Butterflies!

Using Language To Give Directions

World Book Day 2024

Exploring Numbers to 10

Thank you Bees!

How does the Jungle grow?

Lent Liturgy

Shape Artists!

Who could help Jack?

Bedtime Stories

Cooking for Jack!

Exploring Numbers to Five

Changing Seasons

We are Learning about different places in our World.

Wiggle as you Squiggle

Exploring Shapes

Instrumental Sounds.

Exploring 0!

Making a Friend

Nursery has been working as a team to create new friends for our classroom. We traced around our classmates and worked hard, mark-making to add all of their features. We finished off our friends by using materials and buttons for their clothes.

Transitioning into Nursery

Did someone say flour?

"Will you help me make the flour?" Asked the Little Red Hen.

"No!" Said the cat, dog and rat.

"Then I will make it all by myself." 


Miss May told Nursery that we were going to be making some bread, but first we had to make sure we had the flour. The children took it in turns to feel the flour. The children loved to feel how soft it was. 

Don't break the eggs!

Eggs did you say? Well nursery children were in for a treat today! Miss May explained that a farmer had asked the children to help him collect his eggs from his chicken. The children watched a video of the farmer collecting his eggs and then took it in turns to help collect all the eggs. The children were very carful and even listened to the egg, just in case they could hear a chick. 

Making our own Little Red Hens

The Nursery children enjoyed painting their own Little Red Hens.

Exploring taller and shorter with other resources!

The children really loved learning about things that are taller and shorter. We compared the heights of different objects and even compared the heights of each other. 

Would you help the Little Red Hen?

Would you help the Little Red Hen? The nursery children have been reading the story The Little Red Hen. The children had lots of fun acting out the story and repeating the repeated refrain. 

Milking Margret the Cow

The Nursery children have took it in turns to milk Margaret the Cow. The children loved pretending to be a farmer and know where milk comes from. 

Making our own Little Red Hen

Since the Nursery children have been looking at The Little Red Hen book, the children have made their own Little Red Hen. 

Working Together

 Miss May has been silly and put all the objects in one box, instead of putting them in the right place. The Nursery children have been working together to help Miss May tidy the box. 

In RE this week, the children have decorated their own church using collage. The children drew a picture of themselves to put inside the church. The Nursery children also create a big cardboard church and painted it in red. The children then role played gathering together. 

Who lives in this house?

Who lives in a sty? That's right a pig. The children have been looking at where the animals on the farm live. The children had so much fun learning about their different houses. 

RE - Gathering together at Sunday Mass

In RE we have been looking at how people gather at church for Sunday mass. The children acted out the welcoming of the parish family into the church for Sunday Mass. The children gave each other their own hymn books and we gathered together to sing 'Our God is a Great Big God!

Who lives on the farm?

Who lives on a farm? The Nursery children have been looking at which animals live on the farm. The children were able to identify all the farm animals. 

Counting and Subitising

Counting and subitising is so much fun! The children in Nursery have been working hard at counting objects and subitising. 

Did someone say pancakes?

The Nursery children had lots of fun today on Pancake Day. The children created their own playdough pancakes and did some amazing paintings of pancakes. The best part of course was eating some delicious pancakes! Yum Yum!

RSE - Role Model

Today in RSE we have been talking about how Jesus is our role model. We talked about how Jesus washed his disciples feet and even though that is not a nice job, he did it because he appreciated his friends. 

RE - Gathering

This week we have been looking at Gathering and how we gather as a school and at home. The children drew pictures of who they gather with at school and who they gather with at home. Alongside this, the children gathered together in groups to make a band. They produced some wonderful music. 

Float & Sink - Science

In Nursery the children have been learning about what objects float and what objects sink. We watched a very interesting video and learnt lots of new things. The children then took what they had learnt and put it into practice. They gathered around the water area and chose different objects. The children then guessed which objects would float and which objects would sink. This was a very fun experiment!

Music - Instruments

Children in Nursery have been exploring sound using instruments. The children listened to instructions from Miss May and played loudly, quietly, slowly and quickly. The children loved all the different sounds that the instruments were making. 

Internet Safety Day!

For Internet Safety Day we read the story Hanni and The Magic Window. This is about Hanni seeing some nice things through her window and seeing some not so nice things through her window. This makes her very sad and she does not like what she has seen. She then tells a trusted adult! The story shows children that some things are nice, some things are not nice and if you do not like it, then you should always tell your trusted adults. The children then designed their own magic windows and drew all the things that they would want to see! 

Big Talk

Our Nursery children had some very special visitors today. They were giving Nursery the Big Talk, all about their bodies. The children listened very well to the visitors and joined in with all the activities! 

Literacy - Zog

In Nursery we have been reading the story Zog. We have been focusing on having conversations about the story and looking at what the pictures and the words tell us. The children have really enjoyed this story and have enjoyed acting out different parts. Poor Zog, he is always getting hurt, but luckily there is a lovely doctor there to help!

Caring for Madam Dragon!

How would you care for a dragon? Well Nursery know how to! The children talked about how they would care for Madam Dragon. They mentioned how they would hug her, feed her, give her water and also play with her! 

In Nursery we have been learning about the faith Islam. The children have been looking at special objects. Miss May let everyone look at her ring, which is a special object to her. The children were very careful with it and we spoke about how it was precious and how we should look after it. We then talked about Muslim's and how their special object is a prayer mat. We watched a video of a young boy showing us how they pray on a prayer mat and each took it in turns, after we had took our shoes off and washed our feet, to pray on the prayer mat. To finish the topic, we stood by the display board and remembered what we had learnt. We then sang a special song to God! 

Vocal Sounds

Nursery have been working really hard on using their voice to make the noises of different things. This week we looked at the noises that animals make. The children were so good at using their voice! 

Cutting Skills

Our nursery children have been using their cuttings skills to cut out their paper plate snakes. Don't they look amazing! 

Measuring the length of snakes

Nursery children have been looking at measuring snakes using their feet and cubes. Some snakes were as big as 13 footsteps and some were as small as 10 cubes. 

Kandinsky Art

The Nursery children have been learning about the artist Kandinsky. The children loved looking at his famous art work with all the circles. The children especially loved turning their heads upside down and finding out that the painting looks exactly the same upside down. The children then produced their own circles and when joined together, created a piece of art that resembles Kandinsky's. 

Shapes everywhere!

Our Nursery children have been working really hard at recognising shapes. The children went on a shape hunt indoors and outdoors and managed to lots of objects of different shapes. The children also made their own dragons out of shapes, using circles as the head and triangles as the ears and teeth. 

Liturgy - Worries

In today's liturgy we talked about worries. The nursery children listened to the word of God and to respond Miss May asked the nursery children to hold a piece of paper and whisper their worries into it. Miss May then asked the children to scrunch up the paper into a ball, meaning that all your worries are being scrunched up. Miss May explain that when they put the piece of paper in the bin, all their worries will disappear. The children really enjoyed this activity and said that they felt much better afterwards. 

Decorating our dragon's scales

In Nursery the children have been decorating their own dragon scales. The children have been gluing and sticking different materials. Don't they look so beautiful and colourful! 

How do reptiles move you ask?

The children in Nursery have been looking at how reptiles move. The children started off as an egg and hatched into a reptile. The children were really good at listening to instructions. Can you see them slithering and crawling? 

Making biscuits for our end of topic celebration in RE.

The children have been making and decorating biscuits for their end of topic celebration in RE. The children have been looking at the local church and the community and how they celebrate. The children really enjoyed making and eating the biscuits!

Patterns are everywhere!

Nursery have been working hard on spotting patterns. Our children have looked at different patterns in materials and have even been able to make their own patterns! 

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year! We watched a video that showed us how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We were able to watch a video that talked about the story of Chinese New Year. We had different masks representing the different animals and we loved watching the story and watching the Rat win! After this, Nursery children were able to take part in lots of different activities. Miss May even brought chopsticks in for the children to have a go and use. These were very tricky but we kept trying our best. The children made some amazing decorations which are displayed on our wall. We ended the afternoon listening to Chinese New Year music and dancing to a Chinese New Year song! It was lots of fun learning about different cultures and how they celebrate events!

Presentation Story - Mary and Joseph went to the Temple

Today in RE we looked at the presentation story of when Mary and Joseph went to the temple. We spoke about our new word temple and what that might be. In the story we learnt about two people called Simeon and Anna who went to the temple to pray. Mary and Joseph went to the temple to thank God for their son!

Praying for Others

Today in our Prayer & Liturgy we spoke about praying for others. We talked about how we can pray for other people when they are unwell, sad or simply to pray to thank God for introducing you to your friends. 

We love Dough Disco on Wednesday!

Our nursery children really like taking part in Dough Disco on a Wednesday. Not only is it lots of fun but it develops the fine motor skills of the children, helping them with their pencil grip!

Making a house for our snake

Nursery children have enjoyed making a new house for our new pet snake! Look how long he is!

We always talk about our feelings!

This week in RSE we have been talking about our feelings and what good feelings are and what bad feelings are. Miss May asked children to make different facial expression to match a feelings. Nursery children were really good at angry faces and even made Miss May scared! Nursery have also been using our wellbeing wall, where children can go and find their name and put it under one of the faces. Each face represents a different feeling, such as, happy, sad, scared, angry, or worried! The children know that they can come to us and tell us how they are feeling and we can help them be happy!

Prayer Liturgy - Praying

Our nursery children have been doing some amazing reflection in our Prayer and Liturgy this week. The children have been focusing on praying and the different ways we can pray to God. The children took a moment to pray for someone and listened to the music as they prayed.

Moving into the present! Reptiles everywhere!

Reptiles you say? What are they? They are cold-blooded and have no vertebra! Nursery children have enjoyed learning all about reptiles this week. Our classroom has been took over by snakes, lizards, crocodiles and alligators. They are everywhere! Hanging from our painting area, in our playdough area, there are so many, but we love them! Nursery children have been learning about each reptile. Nursery have been especially working extremely hard on their phonological awareness. The children have been clapping the syllables of each animal name and have even been working on clapping their own syllables in their name. 

Look at these dinosaur skeletons!

Today children in Nursery have been exploring dinosaur skeletons and bones! The children made some lovely skeleton art using pasta and paper straws! 

I wonder where dinosaurs used to live?

Today nursery children have been looking at all the places a dinosaur could have lived. We had different boxes that represented different areas. We had sticks for a forest, leaves for a plain, sand for a desert and water for the sea. Each child pretended to be a dinosaur and touched and smelt the different objects. Nursery were then asked what they could feel and smell. The children really enjoyed this activity and was able to tell Miss May which habitat they would like to live in if they were a dinosaur!

We love to draw and paint!

Our children in nursery have been creating some beautiful drawings and paintings of our new dinosaur friends. The children have been really focusing on the detail of the dinosaur and mixing colours to create the right colours.

Cutting skills!

Nursery children have been developing their cuttings skills using some dinosaur cutting skill sheets. The children have loved cutting along the lines of our dinosaurs! 

Working hard on our phonics!

In Nursery we have been working really hard on our phonics. We have been focusing on the initial sounds of objects and our children are doing some super work!

Faith In God

Today in our Prayer Liturgy we spoke about our Faith in God. We spoke about all the different ways that we can show faith in God and all the different ways we can talk to God. Children put their hands together and joined in with our prayer and said thank you to God for giving us strength and for helping us believe! 

Look at these dinosaurs!

This week children in Nursery have been exploring printing using bubble wrap. The children have enjoyed rolling the paint onto the bubble wrap and creating some wonderful dinosaurs! Don't they look amazing!

We love celebrating!

In RE this week, Nursery have been looking at the word Celebration! Our nursery children have been talking about all the events they celebrate at home with our family and all the events we can celebrate in church with our parish family. In nursery we even had our own weddings to explore the celebration of getting married in church. Nursery children really enjoyed dressing up and talking about what happens during a wedding! 

Meet Debbie the Dinosaur!

Today Nursery children welcomed Debbie the Dinosaur into our classroom! Debbie had finally hatched from her egg. All the children were very gentle with Debbie. Our children noticed that Debbie was a little slimy, wet and had spikes on her back. Debbie the Dinosaur is now back in the water to help her grow even more! 

What's in Miss May's Box?

Nursery children have been looking at what objects are in Miss May's box. Children found a p-i-g, a c-a-t, a h-a-t and a p-e-n. Children worked so hard to repeat the letter sounds! I wonder what Miss May will have in her box next time?

Nursery children have been exploring dinosaur footprints by placing the dinosaur's feet in paint and printing them onto the paper. Nursery children have also been drawing some amazing dinosaurs and mixing colours to paint their dinosaur.

Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs is a ROAR-SOME story!

This week in Nursery, we have been reading the story Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs! The children have been developing their phonological awareness and have been clapping the syllables of different words in the story. Nursery children have also been exploring initial sounds such as b for bed and b for bucket. Nursery were really good at this! Nursery children have also been making marks and drawing their own items that they would like to put in their bucket! What would you put in your bucket?  

Maths - Linking numerals to amounts!

This week nursery have been working really hard on linking their numbers to amounts. Nursery children have been making groups of objects that match the number shown. The children especially enjoyed counting out dinosaurs!

Looking after our egg for Mrs Dinosaur!

Today Nursery class got sent an egg from Mrs Dinosaur. She wanted us to look after her precious egg. Children took it in turns to look at the magical egg and to guess what was inside it. Children felt how smooth the egg was. Mrs Dinosaur had told Miss May that everyone had to be very careful with the egg. Miss May mentioned how Mrs Dinosaur said that the egg must be kept in water so that it could hatch. Children helped fill up the water tank to make sure that the egg was safe. Everyday we are going to check on how our egg is doing. What do you think will be inside?

Welcome to our Jurassic Park! We are all about Stomp, Chomp, Roar in Nursery!

Children spent some time looking at different books. Children all sat in a circle and some children even shared the book they were reading with another friend! Children in nursery love to read different books! We love that they love to read and love books!

Children have been learning about the word Patience in today's collective worship!

Children spoke about our Gospel Virtue of the week Patience. Children spoke about times they have been patient. Children mentioned about waiting for mummy and daddy to finish talking so they can talk, or waiting quietly to go and wash their hands for dinner. Children learnt about the importance of waiting and how we can wait and be patient when we want something. Children were reminded that when they feel tempted while waiting, they can always ask god to help them. Children's mission this week was to be patient, especially when waiting for their turn to play with different toys or when they are taking turns on the interactive whiteboard. Children also helped set up for our collective worship and helped put it all back where it belongs. Our nursery children are really helpful!

RSE - Ready Teddy? How do you get ready?

Picnic anyone?

Children in nursery have been doing some amazing work in RSE. Children have been ready about Freddy Teddy and all the times he has not been ready to go out. Children have been looking at ways to look after their body, like eating healthy and washing their hands. Children especially liked when Freddy Teddy has chocolate ice cream all over his mouth. They knew he was not ready to go outside to play!

Children love to say their own prayers during provision. Children set out a blanket and lots of food for a picnic. Children then said thank you to God for all the food, like we say thank you in our after dinner prayer!

We love to say kind words in nursery as it always makes us feel happy!

Today children took part in a prayer and liturgy all about kind words. Children focused on God's word and how it is important to be kind to one another and say nice things instead of hurtful things. Children spoke about all the kind words that they could say to someone. Children said that the nicest thing to say to someone is "I love you." At the end of our worship we prayed to God.

"For the times that we say harsh words...we are sorry."

Nursery children's mission is to carry on saying kind words and make someone's day, whether this is at home or in school!

CAFOD Workshop!

Our Nursery and Reception children had a visit from a lovely lady from CAFOD! Children learnt all about Musa's life and were able to talk about how even though everyone is different we are all special! What a beautiful message!

Liturgy and Prayer: Helping Others! We really like to help each other in Nursery!

During our Liturgy and Prayer we looked at being helpful. Children spoke about times they were helpful at home or helpful in school and remembered how God helps everyone. I set the children a mission of being helpful. In provision I saw children being even more helpful to one another and some children helped my put back our prayer area. Our nursery children are always helpful! 

Every Tuesday is Yoga Day!

Tuesday morning is Yoga time. While we are waiting for all our friends to join us, children take part in Yoga. This week children took part in some winter yoga. Children loved trying new things and enjoyed trying all the different yoga positions. I wonder what Yoga we will do next week!

I'm Stickman, I'm Stickman, I'm Stickman, That's Me!

Nursery have been having lots of fun sorting out different objects up to 5!

Our Nursery children took part in some lovely collective worship with our Hope stone. Children listened to reflective music and took it in turns to hold the stone and say what they hoped for!

This week Nursery have been looking at all the seasons. We soon say goodbye to Autumn and hello to Winter!

Nursery have been learning lots in RSE. We have been looking at how god created the world and talking about how we are god's children and are all special! Children enjoyed acting out the story using actions.