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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two

Teacher: Miss Paterson

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Brentnall and Miss Pell-Taylor

Welcome to Year 2

Hello, Year 2! A warm welcome to our Year 2 class page. We hope you are ready for lots of fun learning and hard work. Our topics this year are: Kings and Queens, The Great Fire of London, Planet Earth, Life In Kenya and They Made A Difference.


Please revisit this page throughout the year for regular updates, useful links and important information. You can also see all of your fantastic learning being celebrated on here! 


In Summer Term 2, our topic has a History focus: They Made A Difference.

Our Learning


Year 2 loved celebrating Pentecost. They used their drawing skills to create a self portrait and then attached flames onto their heads. This symbolised the fact that we are all disciples of Jesus, receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Art - Drawing: Mark-making

Year 2 have loved exploring mark-marking as part of their 'Drawing' unit. 

The Coronation of King Charles III - May 2023

To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, Year 2 learnt about the Union Jack and created their very own flags to wave!

RE - 'Spread The Word'

Geography - 'Life In Kenya'

Music - African Call and Response Song

Year 2 have been learning how to create rhythms to represent a safari, linked to their Geography topic of 'Life In Kenya'. They also learnt a traditional African call and response song called 'Che Che Kule'. They had great fun performing it!

'Che Che Kule'

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Computing - Computers through the years...

Year 2 have been learning about how computers have evolved over the years since their invention. They ordered the different types of computers chronologically on a timeline.

Science - 'Protecting Our Environment'

Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5'

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Year 2 used xylophones to practice playing the famous motif from Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5'. They then created their own simple motif.

Music - Comparing pieces of music by Gustav Holst

Year 2 have been exploring two different pieces of music by composer Gustav Holst. They listened to the two pieces of music and then drew symbols, pictures and shapes to represent what they heard, thinking about the colours, shapes and atmosphere.

International Women's Day 2023

To celebrate International Women's Day, Year 2 have been focusing on learning about some different inspirational women from the past and present every day this week. They have learnt about their resilience and bravery and the impact they have had on the world. 

Planet Earth

Geography - Planet Earth

Year 2 have loved learning all about Planet Earth in Geography. They have learnt about the 7 continents and 5 oceans and are learning lots of interesting facts about the different continents. 

Music - Dynamics, timbre, tempo and motifs (Theme: Space)

In this topic, Year 2 have been learning about dynamics, timbre, tempo and motifs. This is all taught through the theme of space. Year 2 worked together to generate ideas of what sounds you might hear in space, and then used their voices and bodies to create a soundscape of space.

RSE - Special People

Year 2 have been exploring the special people in their lives who they love and can trust. They created their Super Squad just like Super Suzie!

Book Talk - 'James and the Giant Peach'

Year 2 are loving reading 'James and the Giant Peach' this half term!

Ash Wednesday - "Repent and Believe in the Gospel"

Collective Worship - Lentern Promises

In response to our whole school Ash Wednesday service, the children in Year 2 made their Lentern Promises and displayed them on the classroom tree. 

Science - Habitats

In Science, Year 2 have been learning all about habitats. 

RE - 'Thanksgiving'

In RE, our topic is 'Thanksgiving'. We have explored what we are thankful for and the different ways we can say thank you. We then learnt about the story of the Last Supper and its significance. 

RE - 'Islam'

Year 2 loved learning about Islam. They learnt all about how Muslims pray at home and what life is like in a Muslim family.

Maths - Multiplication and Division

In Maths, Year 2 have been learning all about Multiplication and Division in Maths.

English - Non-Chronological Report

In English, Year 2 have been working towards writing a non-chronological report all about the five oceans (linked to their Geography topic of 'Planet Earth').

Art in Year 2 - Sculpture

Year 2 have been exploring the art form of sculpture. They made their own paper sculptures to experiment with using different materials to create art. They then created their own 'art gallery exhibition' to present their creations to the rest of the class.

Book Talk - 'Harry the Poisonous Centipede'

In Book Talk, we have been reading 'Harry the Poisonous Centipede' by Lynne Reid Banks. We have been practising skills of retrieval, inference, prediction and sequencing. We have also been learning lots of new vocabulary and reading with fluency and expression.

Computing - iAnimate

In this unit, Year 2 are working towards creating their own stop-frame animation. They have been exploring how animations are created and discussing examples of popular animations. They have also experimented with this by creating their own flipbook. This has helped them to deepen their understanding of how animations are created by displaying a series of still images very quickly, making it look like they are moving. 

Music - 'On This Island: British Songs and Sounds'

In our new unit ('On This Island': British Songs and Sounds) we learnt about the inter-related dimensions of music and how they underpin everything we do in Music:

  • Duration
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch
  • Structure
  • Tempo
  • Texture
  • Timbre

We began the topic by learning some traditional British folk songs such as 'My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean', 'Lavender's Blue' and 'London Bridge Is Falling Down'. Then, we explored the sounds we might hear at the British seaside, using our voices and bodies to create a seaside soundscape.

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. They have also been learning about what life was like in 1666. As well as this, they have been learning about how and why the fire started, why is spread so quickly and how life changed as a result of the fire.

Our immersive classroom...

History in Year 2

We have been learning about Fitness in PE. We have been practicing star jumps, tuck jumps, heel flicks, lunges and sit ups.

Year 2 have been learning about how to add two 2-digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Literacy in Year 2

Year 2 and 3 were lucky to take part in a Fire Safety talk, learning all about how to keep safe in the event of a fire. This supplemented our learning about the 'Great Fire of London' well as it showed the differences between our fire safety today compared to fire safety in 1666.

The children in Year 2 learnt about the significance of Remembrance Day and wrote acrostic poems to celebrate the many brave soldiers who have fought in wars.

DT - Mechanisms: Levers and Sliders

In DT, Year 2 have been learning about Mechanisms. They are working towards making a moving storybook all about the Great Fire of London. They have been experimenting with using sliders and levers.


'Kings and Queens'

Collective Worship in Year 2

Year 2 linked their Collective Worship to their topic of 'Beginnings', celebrating the new beginnings in the world. For example, we discussed the Story of Creation or Jesus' birth as a beginning. We also talked about beginnings in our own lives, such as starting a new school/year group, moving house or getting a new baby brother or sister. We discussed the fact that new beginnings can be easy and exciting but they can also be difficult and scary sometimes. However, despite this, God is always there for us, watching over us and protecting us.

Autumn 1: What learning adventures have we gone on this half term?

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Check out this video displaying lots of the amazing learning we have been doing in Autumn Term 1!

Black History Month - Marcus Rashford

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Say Hello To Our Historical Figures!

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Important Information:


 Homework is due in every EVERY FRIDAY. Homework will usually consist of spellings, time tables practice, and either a SPaG, Maths or Reading Comprehension task. This must be completed on time please.


 There will be a spelling test EVERY THURSDAY and a times table test EVERY FRIDAY


 PE is on TUESDAYS this half term but we advise you to leave your PE kits in school all week as we may do PE more than once.


 Make sure you read every day in order to improve your reading skills and win prizes! Reading records will be collected and checked at the end of every week but please make sure you bring your reading book and reading record to school every day as we will be reading with you 1:1 regularly.


Any questions, please just ask.

At St Francis Xavier, we love to read!

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